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Indigenous Iraqi Christians have been killed or forced to flee since 2003.
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Indigenous Syrian Christians have been killed or forced to flee since 2011.
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Chaldeans, Syriacs, and Armenians were targeted by ISIS in Iraq.
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Iraqi/Syrian Christian families helped by the Iraqi Christian Foundation.


The Iraqi Christian Foundation is a U.S. based nonprofit founded by the Chaldean Christian community to serve persecuted Christians in the Middle East through humanitarian aid, legal projects, and passionate advocacy.

With a team comprised of mainly indigenous Chaldean Christians of Mesopotamia (Iraq), the Iraqi Christian Foundation team utilizes the experiences of our Chaldean families, culture, and history in Iraq as well as the persecution and survival of other Christians living in Iraq and Syria to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and passion in advocating for the rights of indigenous Middle East Christians.

Thank you to all of our sisters and brothers around the world for your support. God bless!

Justice for Iraqi Chaldean Christians

Iraqi Christian Genocide Project

After enduring 16 years of a devastating genocide, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Assyrians and Armenians have the right to justice and accountability for destruction of our culture in Mesopotamia (Iraq). The Iraqi Christian Genocide Project works with legal professionals and experts in the field of human rights, evidence gathering, and genocide work to pursue holding both Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq and ISIS accountable for the 16-year genocide against Iraqi Christians.

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Return Displaced Iraqi/Syrian Christians Home

In 2014, ISIS forced out almost 140,000 Chaldean, Syriac, and Armenian Christians from their homes, towns, and churches in Mosul and Nineveh Plains, Iraq. The Christian towns in Nineveh Plains (a mix of Chaldean and Syriac Christian towns) are destroyed, with churches/homes/cemeteries looted, burned, and ravaged by ISIS. This project aims to return the displaced Christians home and rebuild the ancient Chaldean and Syriac Christian towns in Nineveh Plains, Iraq. This requires a lot of assistance, prayers, and perseverance.

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Return Iraqi Chaldean Christians to their homes

Save Iraqi/Syrian Christian Refugees

Over 250,000+ persecuted indigenous Iraqi and Syrian Christians are living as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. The Iraqi Christian Foundation works to improve the dire situation of indigenous Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees by providing them with advocacy, humanitarian aid, legal counseling, and long-term solutions for the plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

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