Save Iraqi/Syrian Christian Refugees

This project assists the 250,000-300,000+ Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees forced to flee to Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon, find their way to a safe place. Some of these Christians are living on mere water and bread in certain parts of Turkey, because they are so poor and left with nothing. In addition to facing bleak financial situations, these Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees quite often deal with discrimination, persecution, and a lack of basic human rights.

Additionally, this project focuses on finding the missing Christian men, women, and children who have gone missing after Islamist terrorists overtook their towns in Iraq or Syria.

Samer Jajjo

Samer Jajjo, a 27-year-old Chaldean Christian husband and father of two, was gunned down in Baghdad, Iraq, in February 2018.

An Iraqi Syriac Christian family lost their lives in 2015, after escaping from the ISIS takeover of Qaraqosh, Iraq. The takeover left the Genocide victims displaced for over a year.

Chaldean Father Ragheed Ganni was gunned down by terrorists in front of his church in Mosul, along with 3 deacons, in 2007.

3-year-old Syriac Christian Adam Eashoue was killed at the Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Church massacre in 2010, Baghdad.